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Hypnotherapy eases body and mind into deep, pleasurable relaxation. This opens up the subconscious mind through trance.

Trance is a totally natural phenomenon, a state that everybody goes into several times a day, times such as “daydreaming”, “being on auto-pilot”, when watching  TV and just before we fall into sleep.

Trance is not sleep, or unconsciousness. A person cannot get stuck in trance. The Client is fully in control and mentally alert, nothing takes place that the Client is not comfortable with.

The subconscious mind soaks up everything it needs to take on board from the positive input skilfully applied by the Hypnotherapist. Life changing results can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

We do  not heal the past by dwelling there,

we heal the past by fully living in the present

More Testimonials

“I no longer experience stress now. If something annoys me I do something about it straight away. I am far more confident and seem to be far more popular”                     SD

Clare Hancock


Hypnotherapy could help you

with the following:-

•   Relieve Anxiety

•   Aid Sleeping

•   Smoking Cessation

•   High Blood Pressure

•   Self-Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth

•   Help improve Confidence, e.g. Exams, Driving

•   Help with Relaxation

•   Address attitudes to Eating Problems

•   Minor Skin Problems


 And much more......