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Do you suffer with High Blood Pressure??

Clare is a Certified Hypnotension Practictioner, having demonstrated that she has acquired the necessary knowledge to apply her Hypnotherapy skills to aid the lifestyle and emotional causes of Primary/Essential Hypertension - which is High Blood Pressure, in which less than 90% of cases the cause is unknown.

The Hypnotension programme is geared towards helping Clients with Primary or Essential Hypertension only, as this is the form of Hypertension caused by lifestyle and emotional factors.  Clare assists Clients who are already in Primary Medical Care. Her role is to help the Client to deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors contributing to their High Blood Pressure. The GP responds to changes appropriately as the underlying causes are overcome.

Emotional issues - covered which may be contributing to High Blood Pressure include:





Internal Conflict


Loss of Control


Lifestyle issues - explored include:

use of Salt



and Weight Management.

The average amount of sessions required, are between 10 to 12 weekly sessions.

Secondary Hypertension

(less than 10% of cases) is the result of disease or other Medically recognised causes.